Celebrating Dashain: Nepal’s Biggest Festival

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Dashain, Nepal's biggest festival, is all about celebrating with family and friends, and it honors Goddess Durga's victory over evil. In this blog, we'll explore the festival's roots and traditions, making it easy for you to appreciate the beauty of Dashain, whether you're planning to experience it in Nepal or simply curious about diverse cultures. Let's dive into the heart of this vibrant celebration and discover what makes Dashain so special.

The History of Dashain

Dashain, Nepal's most significant and cherished festival, has its origins deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and history. It is a celebration that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Nepali people, steeped in tradition and spirituality. Dashain is a special festival because it celebrates the story of Goddess Durga defeating the evil demon Mahishasura. This story is like a battle between good and bad, where goodness wins. It reminds us that doing the right thing is very important, and that's why Dashain is a festival that has a lot of spiritual meaning.

Cultural Traditions Associated with Dashain

Dashain is more than a religious festival; it is a cultural event that unites the people of Nepal. The celebration includes a series of unique customs and traditions, each deeply ingrained in the culture of the nation.

Key Cultural Traditions Associated with Dashain

  • Tika and Jamara Ceremony: Elders put on tika and jamara, symbolizing blessings and family bonds.
  • Animal Sacrifices: Controversial, but integral for religious purposes, symbolizing offerings to the goddess.
  • Worship and Temple Visits: Temples dedicated to Goddess Durga see increased visits with prayers and offerings.
  • Kite-Flying: Colorful kites fill the sky, adding to the festive atmosphere.
  • Traditional Attire: People wear new clothes reflecting their cultural heritage.
  • Swings and Traditional Games: Courtyards come alive with swings and games, promoting joy and togetherness.
  • Community and Social Harmony: Dashain unity, harmony, and goodwill among people, transcending boundaries.

Importance of Dashain Festival in Nepal

Dashain, Nepal's most significant and cherished festival, holds immense importance in the hearts and lives of the Nepali people. It is a time when the nation comes alive with cultural, religious, and social life.
Here are the key aspects of its significance:

1. Cultural Significance

  • Dashain is a big part of Nepal's culture, like a deep-rooted tradition.
  • It's a time for families to gather, come closer, and pass on their customs.
  • People wear new clothes, enjoy music and dance, and follow special rituals that make Dashain a lively cultural celebration.

2. Religious Significance

  • Dashain is super important in Hinduism, the main religion in Nepal.
  • It celebrates Goddess Durga defeating a bad demon, showing that good can always beat bad.
  • During Dashain, people visit temples dedicated to Goddess Durga to pray and receive blessings.

3. Social Importance

  • Dashain brings everyone together, no matter their religion or background.
  • Families and communities unite to celebrate, building stronger relationships and lasting memories.
  • It teaches us about unity, kindness, and the value of being together.

4. Economic Impact on Nepal

  • Dashain is a great time for Nepal's economy.
  • Shops sell lots of traditional clothes, gifts, and special things for the festival.
  • Tourists come to Nepal, helping hotels, restaurants, and shops make more money, which is good for the country's economy.

5. Emotional Significance

  • Dashain means a lot emotionally to Nepalis, making them feel a deep connection to their roots.
  • It's a time to visit family and hometowns, creating strong emotional bonds.
  • Sharing blessings and love during Dashain brings families closer and makes everyone feel loved.

Dashain Festival in Nepal

Dashain is Nepal's biggest and most loved festival, lasting for about 15 days in late September to early October. It's a time when people of all backgrounds come together to celebrate with happiness and a feeling of togetherness. Dashain is all about culture, religion, and bringing people closer.

Dashain Festival 2080: The Year 2023

In the Nepali calendar, the year 2080 corresponds to 2023. This specific Dashain in 2023 is significant and holds a special place in the hearts of the Nepali people. It's a time when the entire nation comes alive with festivities, cultural expressions, and celebrations.
In 2023, Dashain promises to be an exceptional experience, offering a deeper connection to Nepali culture and traditions for both the local community and visitors.

Dates and Duration of Dashain

Dashain is a 15-day festival celebrated in Nepal, usually occurring between late September and early October. The festival marks a significant period of cultural, religious, and social importance in the country. Dashain doesn't have fixed dates according to the Gregorian calendar; instead, it follows the lunar calendar, which means that the specific dates change each year.
Here's a rough breakdown of the festival's key days based on the lunar calendar for the year 2080:

  • Ghatasthapana: The festival starts with Ghatasthapana, the first day. People plant barley seeds in a pot and nurture them throughout the festival. This is a symbol of growth and prosperity.
  • Saptami: On the seventh day, people start playing "kite-flying" and continue this tradition throughout the festival. The sky becomes dotted with colorful kites.
  • Ashtami: This day is marked by the worship of Kumari, the living goddess, and the offering of animals to Goddess Durga in temples.
  • Nawami: The eighth day is dedicated to the goddess. Large numbers of devotees visit temples, and there's a strong sense of spirituality in the air.
  • Vijaya Dashami (Tika and Jamara): On the tenth day, the most crucial part of Dashain takes place. Elders give blessings to the younger members of the family, offering them tika and jamara.
  • Ekadashi to Purnima: The festivities continue from the eleventh day until the full moon day (Purnima). People visit relatives, receive blessings, and share festive meals during this period.

Preparations and Decorations

Before Dashain begins, getting ready for it is just as important as the actual celebration. Families and people work hard to make their homes clean and beautiful. They decorate their homes with colorful patterns, making them look welcoming.
People buy new clothes for Dashain, and they get excited about wearing them. Plus, they cook tasty traditional food, and the whole atmosphere is full of happiness and anticipation.

Dashain Celebrations in Nepal

During Dashain, Nepal comes alive with vibrant traditions and customs that have been part of this festival for generations. The festival is marked by a series of rituals and activities that bring families and communities closer.

Traditional Rituals and Customs

Families follow customs that have been passed down through the generations. These customs include the worship of various animals, symbolizing different aspects of the goddess Durga, and receiving blessings and tika from elders.

The First Day of Dashain: Ghatasthapana

Ghatasthapana marks the beginning of Dashain. It involves planting jamara, which is kept in the home and throughout the festival. This is a symbol of growth and prosperity.

Tika and Jamara Ceremony

On the tenth day, the most important part of Dashain occurs. Elders put on tika and jamara for the younger members of the family, blessings, and good wishes. This is a special and sacred moment for everyone.

Dashain Feasting and Traditional Foods

Food plays a central role in Dashain celebrations. Families come together to enjoy traditional dishes. Sharing these special meals strengthens bonds and adds to the festive atmosphere.

Special Attractions and Events for Dashain 2023

Each Dashain brings unique attractions and events. In 2023, you can look forward to cultural performances, fairs, and exhibitions showcasing Nepal's rich heritage. These events add an extra layer of excitement and cultural enrichment to the festival.

Traditional Games, Kites and Swings

Dashain is also a time for fun and games. Kite-flying is a favorite pastime, with colorful kites filling the sky. Swings are set up in courtyards, and traditional games are played, creating a sense of joy and togetherness among family and friends.

The Vibrant Atmosphere

The entire nation is enveloped in a vibrant atmosphere during Dashain. Streets and homes are adorned with colorful lights and decorations. The air is filled with laughter and the spirit of festivity, making every corner of Nepal feel alive with joy and celebration.

Dashain Celebration Worldwide

Dashain isn't just celebrated in Nepal. It's celebrated by people all around the world. No matter where they live, they still celebrate this important festival. It's a way for Nepalis to remember their culture and traditions.
So, whether you're in Nepal or another country, Dashain is a time for Nepali communities to feel connected and celebrate their heritage together. It's a special time that brings people closer, no matter where they are in the world.


Dashain is a festival deeply rooted in Nepal's cultural and historical heritage. It serves as a way of bringing people together to celebrate their traditions and shared history. It is a time for reflection, reconnection, and spiritual renewal. It's a reminder of our cultural roots and the importance of family bonds.
As Dashain approaches, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a joyful celebration. May this festival bring you happiness and a deeper appreciation of Nepali culture.

Happy Dashain!!