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A.N.T. Holidays Pvt. Ltd has been licensed by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, and Office of Company Registrar with registered reference number of 95613/ 069/070 since August 2012 located at Teku Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. The company is Value Added Tax (VAT) applicableunder Inland Revenue Department, Nepal as registered with VAT identificationnumber as 601059296.

The company is a leading worldwide air ticketing and services to Travel Industry Services. We use online system like AMADEUS, ABACUS and GALILEO etc with latest back office support system. Traveler can secure information and expertise, get impartial counselling, and make arrangement to travel by air, sea to land to any point in the world. The company has been providing the various categories of vehicle rental to the individual and the corporate organization.

We offer a vast range of services related to travel industry with aim to operate a sustainable business pratcie that is consider with high quality, competitive price and valude added products. We have professional and specialised business team that represent our customers demands. we provide a complete range of ready-made and tailor-made solutions to all travel market segments including individual travel, business travel and family holidays.

What we offer

  • Provide Information and expertise
  • Recommend destinations, products and services best suited to the needs of the client
  • Provide assistance in securing travel documents
  • Provide add value to the travel sector of different companies
  • Process travel arrangement
  • Assist in case of refunds and cancellations
  • Update on new travel information and trends
  • Rely all changes and confirmations to clients
  • Provide best deal
  • Save time and trouble